POA Network

poa network.png

Cyber Studio has successfully conducted a token sale for POA network in Fall 2017. POA Network is a new blockchain with proof of authority (POA) consensus mechanism.

POA Network aims to solve blockchain scaling issues by creating an ecosystem of open interconnected cost-efficient POA-based networks.

Some facts about the token sale:

  1. Timeframe: September 15, 2017 - November 17, 2017
  2. Total contributions: 40,174ETH (100% of the total hard cap)
  3. Time to reach the hard cap: 58 seconds
  4. Token sale structure: no discounts, completed in the public pre-sale round

Achieved during the process:

  1. Grew telegram community from 30 people to 4,000+ of engaged and knowledgeable community members (currently 10,000 plus telegram members).
  2. Activated community's interest in the project by providing quality content through various communication channels, like Twitter, email, YouTube, and Medium.
  3. Built a whitelist of 7,000 plus serious contributors supporting the project’s vision and goals.
  4. Engaged a top industry thought leader, William Mougayar, as the project advisor.
  5. Received positive reviews by the top industry video bloggers, and entered into the lists of the most promising projects.